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Transit Insurance

It is a common misconception that removalists insure your possessions with every move.

By Law, removalists cannot insure your individual items unless they are a Registered Insurance Agent.

Some insurance companies cover your possessions for relocation if you have Home & Contents Insurance.

If you require Comprehensive Insurance, & your Content Insurer does not cover this, you would need to contact an Insurance Company or a Insurance Broker.

Our transit insurance policy covers the following events:

1. 1.1 Subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of this policy, under this Cover A we will, at request and regardless of your legal liability, pay you or any other party directed by you, for physical loss of or damage to the goods during the insured transit, directly caused by:

1.1.1 fire, explosion, lightning, or flood,

1.1.2 collision of the conveyance with any external object other than the road, gutter, or similar surrounding surfaces,

1.1.3 overturning or jackknifing or derailment of the land conveyance,

1.1.4 impact of the goods with something that is not on or part of the conveyance, but not impact of the goods with: the road or surrounding areas caused by the goods dropping or falling from the conveyance, unless caused by an insured event rain, water and/or hail,

1.1.5 hijacking or armed hold-up, or

1.1.6 collision, crashing, or forced landing of the conveying aircraft.

1.3.3 physical loss or damage to the goods, caused by war or warlike activities which means invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war is declared or not), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, or civil strife following any of these whilst the insured goods are on board the carrying vessel or aircraft.

1.4 If included in the policy schedule, this policy is extended to include the following optional cover/s during the insured transit:

1.4.1 all accidental physical loss or damage to the goods during loading and unloading. For the purpose of this extension, loading means from the time of commencement of movement of the goods from immediately adjacent to the conveyance until directly placed thereon. Unloading means from the time of lifting from the conveyance until placed directly on the ground or loading dock immediately adjacent thereto, or if not so placed, until removed from the conveyance,

1.4.2 physical loss of or damage to the goods caused by theft, pilferage, or non delivery,

1.4.4 physical loss or damage to the goods caused by rain, water, and/or hail

$500 excess on each claim, payable by customer